Carpet Cleaning

wet carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning – how it is done

We use a method of cleaning referred to as ‘water extraction”. Your carpets will be left clean and rejuvenated!

The process:

1. The area to be cleaned is initially sprayed with a high quality, low pH detergent to assist in removing tough stains.
2. The advanced Razorback extraction machine is then used. Warm water is applied to the carpet, while simultaneously being vacuumed out in a back and forth motion across the surface, essentially ‘washing’ the carpet, removing all dirt, water and detergent

Things to be aware of…

Carpets are left slightly damp.

We recommend not walking on the carpets too much until they are completely dry. However, if this is unavoidable, Gary provides surgical boot covers for you to wear to ensure that you are not tracking dirt onto your freshly cleaned carpets. 

Research has shown that the water extraction method of cleaning carpets is the most effective means to clean carpets deep down and to lift the pile. 

Naturally, there are limits as to how much certain carpets can be restored by cleaning. Gary will be happy to provide an honest appraisal of the results you can expect to see from the cleaning of your carpets

Langs Carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Gary will check your upholstery fabric by spot testing in an inconspicuous area to check the stability of fabric dyes.

The water extraction method of cleaning is used on your upholstery. The only difference is that the

detergent is specifically designed for upholstery and the hand tool attachment is used as opposed to the

large cleaning head. The remainder of the process is the same as for carpet cleaning.

Please be aware that your upholstery will be left slightly damp.